HydraMag® MAGNESIUM 24 Single Serving Box

Added On The go Convenience

HydraMag® Magnesium Single Serving Sachets are pre-measured for convenience, to carry on the GO. Simply tear off the top of the stick pack and add contents to 20-24oz of Water. Great tasting healthy water is at your finger tips. Natural Pomegranate flavor, southAmerican stevia and beet juice powder sweetened. Prebiotics are added to help the gut microbiome stay healthy.

HydraMag® can be enjoyed Hot or cold, and used as a tea before bedtime.
Order Yours Today for a better nights sleep and a Healthier You.

HydraMag Box.jpeg
Play the below video and get a better understanding on why HydraMag® is the Best Magnesium Drink for you.