Behind the Counter

At MOXiLIFE Nutrition we’re committed to offering quality products and education to assist our audiences understanding  of the massive implications that Magnesium deficiency can have to our health.

We strive to make the intricate and complex understanding of Magnesium, simple, by breaking how our body uses Magnesium in 3 areas.

  • Mind 

  • Muscles 

  • Metabolism

What started out as a hobby has become our passion and mission for society to take a preventative outlook on health and understand that specific Magnesium absorb and are biologically made available faster and better than other inactive Magnesium forms, without Gastroinstinal diarrhea issues.

The Founder has been researching Magnesium for over 13 years and spent that entirity also educating the scientific community on mineral absorption pathways, intimately understands; because of her own Magnesium deficieny issues relating to muscles, the debilitating outcome of low magnesium levels.

Since 2017 MOXiLIFE Nutrition™ has become a well-known Sports Nutrition Company in the Endurance Athletic Community, and among women and men seeking simple and natural solutions to muscle cramping, menopausal Hot Flashes, reduced muscle strength, insomnia.

We’re proud to be on a mission to help reduce the escalating Cardiovascular and Diabetic health issues with a simple solution.

We look forward to continuing our work for years to come!

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Muscle cramping and Magnesium
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