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How Does Magnesium Help the Mind

Magnesium is party to hundreds of cellular biochemical reactions in the body, affecting each cell function and organic system. Your muscles can't move without Magnesium nor can your heart beat.

The Brain and Mind relies on the cofactor functions of Magnesium for a variety of hormone regulation to include; and not limited to, Serotonin, Endorphine, Cortisol etc. 

Studies have shown that magnesium prevents loss of synapses and maintains synaptic plasticity in experimental models of Alzheimer's disease, protecting cognitive function. These facts revealed that Mg2+ homeostasis in the human body is a key factor in brain functions, especially synaptic connectivity. 

Studies have shown the capability of Magnesium extending the lifespan of telomeres  and neurotransmitter messaging support

Magnesium Benefits the Brain in the following ways:

  • Counters depression

  • Reduces stress reactivity

  • Ameliorates anxiety

  • Influences activity of NMDA receptors

  • Reverses brain aging

  • Controls synaptic density and plasticity

  • Preserves neurologic function in traumatic brain injury