What is the Best Magnesium Form?

And Why?

In Vitro and In Vivo clinical studies have proven the efficacy of mineral chelates(amino acid activated) minerals as better absorbed, tolerated, efficacious, with minimal Gastrointestinal issues to include constipation, nausea, diarrhea. 
Studies conclude the mineral chelates to be up to 6x higher in absorption. Mineral chelates also are less apt to bond with Phytates and Oxylates; like ionic minerals.
Albion Minerals, The Mineral People™ developed the patent behind bonding the mineral with amino acids creating a mineral molecule that is very much similar to how the body converts ionic minerals to be ABLE to be absorbed by the body. This 'ionic' mineral conversion is called 'chelation chemistry' and what the body does naturally.
The body naturally breaksdwon proteins, leaving amino acids available for minerals to 'chelate' or 'bond' too, enhancing the absorption and bodies uptake.
HydraMag® is formulated with these 'preconverted' magnesium minerals, reducing any negative side effects such as laxation AKA diarrhea, and enhancing the body wiht two amino aicds, Lysine and Glycine
These Amino Acids are known to have cognitive and immune support.

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