Metabolism and Magnesium

Hormone Regulation, Enzymatic Functions, Glucose Utilization

Magnesium is the Master Mineral when we discuss internal cellular functions and biochemical cofactors.

Magnesium to the body is like: baking a cake with out any flour, or driving a car without  any gas or electricity.

Magnesium is the Sun to our Earth.

It is the focal point for energy creation and is involved in 600+ 'known' enzymatic functions. 

How the body processes Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Vitamin D, Glucose is all dependent on the amount of available Magnesium in your body.

Diabetic conditions provide a clear albeit indirect proof of the glucose/Mg2+ relationship. Work by Altura’s group [205] and more recently by Resnick and Barbagallo [206,207] indicate that cellular Mg2+ content is markedly decreased under type-I and type-II diabetes.