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Helping Children with Autism: 3 Ideas to Start Now.

Updated: Jan 17

The world of Autism is extremely challenging from all sides.

The family, the individual, & social circles involved with upbringing of the child are all affected by the circumstances.

We have 3 Ideas to review and incorporate, which may or may not been thought of, in your journey with autism.


DIET: The diet is a challenging daily issue for individuals that have experience Spectrum disorder as this disorder affects all sensory organs including taste perceptions. WE tend to add to the diet and evaluate if certain supplements help the particular area of spectrum concern however we may need to start with elimination and work from this angle first.

The first item to address and monitor, is sugar intake.

Sugar, especially processed forms of sugar, is an inflammatory ingredient to the diet and if in fact the cause of spectrum disorders are generated from inflammation, then taking a closer look to what is in the diet and start eliminating processed sugars would be the first place to start. Fruits albeit natural, are also high in sugar content and some more so than others. The fibers in the fruits are what helps keep the carbohydrate spikes and crashes at bay however they can be inflammatory especially if the digestive system is not working properly.

Increasing fresh produce, particularly vegetables would be helpful after your blood test evaluation. Understanding how your produce is grown, will also have an effect on the spectrum symptom. Best practice is to eat locally farmed organic produce.

If you live in the city and the farms are within a 50 mile radius, best practice is to rinse wash thoroughly with distilled water.

Emission pollution fallout is an issue with locally grown produce farming.

If resources of land present an issue for produce cultivation, 'tower gardens' are becoming efficient means of growing your own high nutrient density crops. Grow indoors in small spaces is both cost effective in the long run and healthier.


BIO-MARKER TESTING: An evaluation of blood chemistry can provide a lot of data to support areas of deficiencies or high levels, and whether or not adding supplements to the diet is truly necessary.

The caveat to blood analysis is not all nutrients show a clear picture of what is in the body. For instance, Magnesium and Calcium are two minerals which are tightly regulated by the body and not accurately indicated in blood serum.

The reason is because of the complete physical need of each mineral in the body.

Magnesium is needed for every cell to functions due to the ATP Energy cycle intimacy. ATP is required for intercellular functions to occur at the most basic atomic level. When a chemical function needs to occur, that function requires energy. That energy is derived from ATP.

Calcium is also required for muscle functions and is the mineral to assist Magnesium in muscle contractions and many chemical reactions.

RBC Magnesium tests provide a clearer image for intercellular Magnesium and can be ordered through Inside Trackeror Personalabs.

Your local Naturopathic Doctor may also use Spectracell testing, which has a wonderful background and is one of the front runners for biomarker evaluation.



The chronological order of events to adding supplements to the diet should be

1. Blood analysis

2. Determine any deficiencies

3. Research research research, phone calls and discussions with industry experts in the particular nutrient you see abnormalities in.

4. A/B testing with various forms of the particular identified nutrient proposed to be deficient and or contribute to the analysis

Once a blood analysis is completed and evaluated by your physician, this is when the addition of nutrients can be added to the diet. The blood analysis can be your baseline and data specific to determine whether or not the nutrient deficiencies are contributing to the spectrum and may enhance the desired outcome, or have no effect.

Adding a specific nutrient to the individual diet may or may not have a positive influence on the spectrum disorder you are working with, because of many factors involved with the specific nutrient.

Supplementation outcome of a nutrient can be misleading due to the nature of the ingredient industry. Unless you are 'within the industry' and understand all the 'ins and outs’ of the ingredient processing paper trail, it is really a challenging for the average consumer.

The unfortunate aspect of supplemented nutrients is in the processing of each ingredient in both foods and supplements. Solvents, petrochemicals a.k.a., hormone disruptors, and excipients can all play a role in the way an ingredient functions in the body and can more so with an individual with spectrum disorder.

In my 25year supplementation and ingredient industry experience, it takes picking up the phone and asking the right questions for a true ingredient evaluation. Since the average consumer mostly relies on what information is available on search engines and web sites, we can only share 2 companies that we know does due diligence down to the manufacturing process of the ingredients and not just the formulation itself.

VitalBody and MOXiLIFE Nutrition are two companies which drill down information regarding the vetted cGMP manufacturing facility; which blend the ingredients, but also to the ingredient manufacturers and manufacturing processes.

Ingredient Process Evaluation:

· Chemicals; if any, used in the ingredient manufacturing

o No hormone altering chemicals are used in the ingredient manufacturing process used by the above companies.

· 'Source of origin' for each item used in each step of the ingredient process

o Limited use of Asian sourced ingredients

· Certification of Analysis, to include heavy metal content of each ingredient, (including herbs and plants).

· Experts at both companies understand the ingredient formula synergy and how they function with each other, is a differentiation in and of itself.

Albion Minerals a leading mineral supplier reveals the steps to manufacture high quality ingredients.

We can only imagine what influence all the minute chemicals have on the neurotransmitters after continuous exposure and ingestion.

Key Supplements that have had various influence on individuals with spectrum disorders are as follows:


B6 and Magnesium


Zinc and Copper


These 3 steps are critical to a helicopter overview of the how the body is functioning and reducing a common denominator that negatively influences all bodily functions; sugar, if it is not properly digested and is ingested in above average amounts.


HydraMag® Magnesium powdered drink; made by MOXiLIFE Nutrition, has been vetted to contain the cleanest ingredients for the Spectrum disorder community.

VitalBody also has multifunctional clean formulas to deliver comprehensive nutrient dense supplementation. The above companies take the research off of your plate so you can move forward with individual evaluations.

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