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3 Major Life Changes & How to Adapt During Covid19

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

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At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, it may have been tempting to try and put life on hold while things blew over. However, the pandemic — and its associated risks and precautions — have gone on far longer than most of us could have anticipated. Attempting to pause life for a whole year isn’t just emotionally unfeasible — it’s practically impossible.

As a result, many of us have had to undergo major life shifts during the pandemic — indeed, often because of the pandemic. MOXiLIFE® wants to help you learn how to manage these transitions and come out of this better than ever. Here are some examples of ways your life may have changed since last year and how to handle those changes with grace:

Moving to a New Home

Although some house hunters paused their search at the start of the pandemic, low interest rates ultimately led to a surge in home buying. If you have the funds saved up to make a home purchase, now might just be the best time to dive in. That said, it’s important to get a sense of the trends and practices for house buying in your market.

For example, most markets are highly competitive right now. This means you can expect a need to make fast decisions and serious offers in order to close on homes you really want. Touring practices are another thing to consider. In many markets, buyers are getting less time to tour than they would have before the pandemic, in order to allow as many people to view the property as possible. Come up with a wants and needs list that you can check off as you go so you can quickly assess properties and come to a decision.

Changing Activity Levels

Although working from home has allowed us to keep ourselves and our communities safer, it has also led more and more people down the path to a more sedentary lifestyle. This, paired with less access to gyms and other fitness programs, means that many of us have seen our activity levels drop dramatically since the start of the pandemic.

Getting your exercise routine back on track will boost your energy levels, improve your health, and make it easier to manage stress and anxiety. If you’re not comfortable going to the gym, you can run, walk, bike, roller skate, or check out online workout videos at home. Be sure to pair a new exercise routine with an appropriate nutritional supplement. If you’re missing vital minerals, like magnesium, you can end up with injuries, cramps, and fatigue. Supplements help empower your workouts so you’re more likely to stick with them and see results.

Starting a New Career

Although some industries have only felt ripples from the pandemic, others have been hit harder. As a result, many people have lost their jobs over the last year. In addition to involuntary job loss, many more have realized they don’t really enjoy or take pride in their current roles. Both of these groups might be considering a major career change in the wake of COVID-19.

If you’re in this boat, take some time to really think about what your next moves should be. It may make sense to take a strengths self-assessment to see what kind of skills or positive traits you bring to the table. This can give you a good sense of where you’ll excel and what you’ll enjoy. You can also talk with a mentor or career coach to get feedback on what direction might be best for you.

Finally, no matter what changes you’ve experienced over the last year, remember to give yourself grace. Transitions are always difficult, and the pandemic can only make them more complicated and stressful. Make time for selfcare while focusing on crafting a plan that lets you come out of these changes with pride.

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